A luxurious 3 bedroom apartment with a yard in Crniche
1 100.00€

Опис на имот
We are offering a luxurious and extraordinary apartment in a new building for RENT, which would be a great housing opportunity in Crniche, a neighborhood on Vodno Hill. This residence is a five-story building divided by 5 levels. The building is a contemporary model of living, proven by its functionality, aesthetics and simplicity with additional value in energy efficiency. Apartments in the building share a common elevator,lobby and evacuation stairs. Located on the first floor, the apartment comprises of a spacious 54 sq.m living room with a dining area and a connected kitchen, 1 master bedroom with a wardrobe and shower, 2 bedrooms that share 1 bathroom, a guest toilette, a utility room and a private yard solely for use of the tenant . The apartment as an ensemble is based on professional architectural solutions. The heating and cooling is regulated through a central system based on electricity, that includes fen-coiler units and underfloor heating. Underground there is a garage that directly connects to the building through an elevator as well as a basement storage room. The apartments share a collective roof top terrace that would be pleasant for family and friend gatherings as well as an equipped fitness room and spa area. We would recommend this property to families that enjoy the comfort of a big apartment while having the privacy of individual house living.
Детали за имот
  • Референца: GG 1046
  • Статус : Искористено
  • Целокупна квадратура : 158 m²
  • Град : Skopje
  • Населено место : Crniche
  • Внатрешна квадратура : 124 m²
  • Соби : 3
  • Цена/m2 : 0.00€
  • Адреса : ---
  • Хипотека :
  • Прегледи : 4339
  • Кат : 1


David Nikolovski

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CENTURY 21 GG's Point
+389 2 3225 021
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